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Please Pick a Date

Your party's tab must be equal to or greater than $500. If the minimum is not reached, you are responsible for the remainder. You will need to provide a debit/credit card to have on-file the day of the event.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost?

    Booking our Back Room has a room fee of $200 and a $500 day-of minimum spending requirement. This price does not include gratuity, please remember to tip your bartenders!

    Can I bring decorations?

    We have strict restrictions on decorations. You are not allowed to bring glitter, confetti, or tape items to any artwork in the back room. Beyond those items you are allowed to bring decorations.

    Do I have to have one tab for the party?

    No. You can have a cash bar but the total amongst all tabs needs to equal $500 for the room minimum.

    Why no glitter or confetti?

    As we have open production space, glitter and confetti is a massive and serious contamination issue. Failure to comply to this term will result in a $300 cleaning fee charged to your card on file and a permanent ban from reserving the space in the future.

    Can I bring in outside food?

    Yes, however we do not allow open flames or hot plates. Sterno is permitted. We will always have a food truck here as well.

    Can I bring my own soft drinks?

    Yes, you can bring bottled water, juice and soda. However, we do have seltzer and soda available for purchase at the bar.

    Can I hire my own food truck?

    No, private parties are not allowed to schedule their own food trucks for their event. You can bring in food, or have your guests purchase food at the food truck that will be scheduled for that day.

    I'm looking for a good caterer, do you have any suggestions?

    Yes we do! Below is a list of some of our local favorites in alphabetical order that are available to cater your party. Please know, we do not coordinate any catering, the information below is for your party to reach out to caterers.

    Can my party bring children?

    Yes, however we have a very strict policy for anyone under 21. Anyone under 21 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Our production area is an open space with heavy equipment and chemicals. If anyone under 21 is not accompanied by an adult, their guardian will be given one warning before we will need to ask them to leave the premises. We have this strict ONE STRIKE policy in place for you and your guests safety and it's something we take very seriously.

    Can my party bring dogs?

    No. We are currently only allowed to have dogs in our outdoor Biërgarten. You are not permitted to have dogs inside the taproom or the private reservation space.

    How does a tab work, can I prepay?

    You can open one tab for your party, receive drink tickets that you’ll pay for at the end, or have all your guests start their own tabs.

    I'm bringing a bunch of people, can I get a price break on beer?


    Is the tip included in the reservation fee?

    No. Please tip your bar tenders accordingly.

    What is the minimum party size I can bring?

    The minimum party size is 35 people.

    What is the maximum party size I can bring?

    Party sizes up to 80 people will enjoy the space comfortably.

    What media options do I have?

    You can use our TV in the backroom for watching or presentations. You also have your own AUX input so you can play audio directly into our system.

    Are ping pong and the arcade games included in my reservation?

    Yes, if they are in working order then they are included.

    Uh oh, something came up. I need to cancel my reservation. Can I?

    You can cancel and be refunded your fee if you cancel 10 or more days before your reservation. This is because reservations require additional staffing. Please email with your name, reservation date, and order details to process a cancellation.

    I have a coupon code for Takeout. Can I use it for my reservation?

    No. The reservation fee is not eligible for coupons.

    I'm a Tribus Member, do I get a discount?

    Yes! Make sure you are logged into your member account and you will automatically receive a $50 discount during checkout.

    I guess I have an infrequently asked question, what do I do?

    Give us a call at (203) 693-2299, message us on social media @tribusbeerco, or reach out via our contact page.

    Thank you. Your order has been received.

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